Concrete Pumping

Why Use Concrete Pumping?

Concrete pumping is a fast, clean, and efficient method for pouring concrete, liquid, or flow screed. At MPA Liquid Screed we provide a highly proficient pumping service available to builders, developers and domestic clients across Oxford, Newbury, Reading, Northampton, and Milton Keynes.

For many decades the common method for getting concrete from one place to another has been by wheelbarrow – a highly labour intensive process that takes time, causing mess and damage along the barrow route.

Concrete pumping solves all the problems of getting a bulky liquid into place, with a simple lorry mounted pump and a pipeline.

Benefits for Your Building or Resurfacing Project

  • Pumping can take the concrete or liquid screed up to 300ft from the pump and pour directly into the foundation, sub-floor, or underfloor heating site.
  • The pipeline avoids all the mess and damage of repeated footfall.
  • The system is self-contained, eliminating spills.
  • Screed can be easily transported over walls, up through windows and through awkward access points, such as the narrow space between buildings.
  • The pump can move concrete vertically through the pipeline into upper storeys.
  • Once operational the pour will take a fraction of the time of barrowing.
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Find Out More

You can find out more about MPA and our services for Oxford, Newbury, Reading, Northampton, and Milton Keynes on our website, or get in touch for a quote.


Why Choose MPA Liquid Screed

We can provide all the equipment and expertise you need for a trouble free pour. Our service is delivered by technicians who are experienced in the operation of the system. Comprehensive information on preparing for a pour will enable you to ensure no problems arise, and will eliminate the need for time consuming trouble-shooting on the day.

We are an established firm delivering contracts for concrete pumping, screed application and underfloor heating work.

Our team are friendly, professional and look forward to providing you with an outstanding service every time.

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