Before We Arrive

As established experts in liquid screed pumping, we know from experience that preparation and planning is the key to a smooth, clean, and efficient pour.

That’s why we issue guidance for all our customers to make sure you get the best from your service with MPA. Please ask for one of our Pre Installation sheets which can be e mailed to you.

By making sure you know how to properly prepare, we can help you get the very best from our service and enjoy the benefits of liquid screed pumping, in Oxford, Newbury, Reading, Northampton, Milton Keynes, and any of their surrounding areas.

Quantities & Distances

For us to deliver an efficient service at competitive rates, we need to know a few key measurements:

  • Volume of screed: calculated from your floor area, we can help you determine the volume, allowing for depth, surface area, and underfloor heating systems.
  • The distance from the pumping vehicle to the farthest point of the pour.
  • The height of any vertical parts of the route.
  • With this information, we can better estimate the time it will take and the number of technicians needed to complete the pour.
Quantities & Distances

On Site

It is vital you ensure that there is sufficient access to your site for a standard sized concrete mixer truck, and there is an appropriate hard level surface for it to stand on.

We also need:

  • A water supply and hosepipe.
  • Sufficient plastic sheeting to protect the area where the pipeline connects to the pump.
  • A vessel (skip, wheelbarrows, wash out bag etc.) or waste area for unused materials.
  • Space to clean our equipment.
On Site

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Getting The Best Out Of The Pour

We will require access to your site at least 1 hour in advance of the pour to allow us to accurately measure the floor area and for the setting up of our equipment.

Areas where flow screed is to be poured must be clear of debris, dry and as weatherproofed as possible – ideally with windows and doors in place, If the windows and doors are not in place we strongly recommend using some sheeting, insulation or ply to cover these openings.